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Because SAFE-T  is a 501(c)3,  not-for-profit organization, our fees are minimal.

If you shop around, you will discover that many group and classroom settings have a fee of $50 to $75 per session.  Our class and group sessions are 2-hour sessions with a low fee of $25 or $30 per 2-hours, depending on the class.  Groups and classes are limited to 10-12 participants.

Shelter From the Storm, the recovery group class for adult women requires a $25 fee for each session.  This comes to less than $13 per hour.  Participant must commit to attend all 14 classes.  First time attendees must also pay a $30 interview fee.  Textbooks are required and they cost an additional $16.  We provide all books at cost.

Conference fees vary;  for CEU seekers the fee is normally $25 per hour, and a 5-hour workshop or conference would cost $125 per attendee. 

For non-CEU seekers, conference fees are $50 or $60 per event.  Each event varies slightly in fee, depending on how much the keynote speaker is paid. 

Individual education sessions also varies per 1 hour session.  We do provide some partial scholarships for education sessions, and, if needed, you may inquire by calling the SAFE-T office at 561-622.5929.

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